Essex Wedding Videographer & Photographer – Tony Davies


What's The Big Day package?
Step into your big day with my comprehensive package, offering up to 9 hours of coverage. From pre-ceremony preparations to the first dance and beyond, I ensure every precious moment is captured. My 20-25 minute feature film, akin to the beloved highlights films showcased on my website, dives deeper into your day's narrative. I weave in audio from ceremony speeches, crafting a cinematic masterpiece that echoes the beauty of your love story.

The feature film encompasses key ceremony elements, and for added reassurance, any unused parts from the ceremony and speeches find their place in separate, uncut films. But that's not all – my film is a tapestry of the entire day, featuring venue drone shots, preparation moments, reception drinks, group and couples photos, confetti highlights, wedding breakfast entrance, venue and detail shots, cake cutting, and the lively dance floor action during the evening.

As an extra touch, you have the option to add on a Highlights film for an additional £500.00 – a condensed gem capturing the heart of your day in a dynamic and shareable form. Let's make your wedding memories truly unforgettable! 

What's The Best Bits package?

With this package, you'll receive a beautifully crafted 5-6 minute highlights film, showcasing the highlights of your day as seen on my work page.
To make sure you don't miss a moment, you'll also receive a separate, full-length film of your ceremony and speeches.

What's the Short & Sweet package?

Relive the emotions and memories of your special day with our comprehensive single film package. This film captures the essence of your wedding day, including the full ceremony, highlights of the drinks reception, and the full speeches. Experience every moment of your day, from the first kiss to the last toast, in a single, beautifully crafted film.

What's the Picture & Motion Combo package?

The Picture & Motion Combo package is a comprehensive film and photography package. Here's how it works:

Primarily, I will be your photographer for the day, capturing all the important moments in photographs. Additionally, I will film your entire ceremony and speeches. If time permits, I will also capture various other film clips throughout the day to create a single film that includes all the best highlights of your wedding alongside your full ceremony and speeches.

This package can only work where the entire day is at one venue.

Given the complexity of this package, I recommend scheduling a chat before booking to ensure everything can be smoothly integrated into your big day.

How long are you with us on the day?

At your service, I am flexible and adaptable to the unique needs of each wedding. I understand that every wedding is different and that's why I do not have set working hours. The maximum coverage time is 9 hours, which provides ample time to capture all the important moments of your day.

To ensure I capture every detail, I'll arrive at least 2 hours before the ceremony to film the preparations, venue set-up, and guests arriving. I guarantee to be with you until after the first dance, and I may even stay a little longer to capture some fun on the dance floor, if the party is still going strong. Typically, I pack up after 2-3 songs after the first dance.

Once I'm confident that I have captured enough stunning footage to create an amazing film for you, I will come and say my farewells. I am dedicated to delivering a timeless and memorable film that you will cherish for years to come.

For the Short and Sweet package the maximum attendance time is 5 hours from ceremony start time.

Do you work alone?

I work solo as a videographer, utilising the control and flexibility it provides. During crucial moments such as the ceremony and speeches, I use two cameras to capture multiple angles and ensure a comprehensive coverage. However, if there is a need for a second shooter, I have a network of trusted and professional wedding videographers to collaborate with.

Do you keep a copy of our film?

Once your film is completed, it is securely backed up online for safekeeping. You can rest assured that your memories are in good hands. If you ever need another copy, simply reach out to me and I'll provide you with a link to download your films.

To ensure the longevity of your memories, the final film files are kept online for safekeeping, even after 2 years have passed. During this time, the raw footage and working files may be deleted, but your final film will remain accessible for you to enjoy whenever you like.

Who chooses the music?

I have a strong commitment to creating wedding films that are truly unique and tailored to each couple's individuality. I believe that music is a vital element in capturing the essence and setting the tone of your special day. However, it's important to note that using mainstream commercial music in online wedding films is restricted by copyright laws and licensing limitations.

I want to be open and honest with you by informing you that I am unable to incorporate popular commercial tracks from well-known artists and chart-topping hits in your wedding film when it is shared online. Respecting copyright regulations is crucial to me, and I am dedicated to providing you with a film that is fully compliant with these laws.

Rest assured that I work diligently to curate a music selection that is beautiful and specifically tailored to your wedding film. I collaborate with talented composers, musicians, and royalty-free music libraries to find the perfect soundtrack that complements the emotions and atmosphere of your special day.

By utilising original compositions or licensed music that is specifically designed for wedding films, I ensure that your online wedding film is both legally sound and possesses a unique, heartfelt quality. The music will be thoughtfully chosen to enhance your precious moments, adding a personalised touch that truly reflects your love story.

I understand how significant music is in evoking emotions and creating lasting memories. My goal is to provide you with a wedding film that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the music selection process, please don't hesitate to get in touch. I am here to guide you and create a film that captures the essence of your day in a way that is both legal and unforgettable.

Will you need a deposit?

To secure your special day, I require a non-refundable deposit of £200 at the time of booking. This deposit will reserve your date and ensure that I am fully committed to capturing your memories. The balance of the payment is due 14 days before the wedding day, giving you peace of mind that everything is in order and allowing us to focus on making your film a reality.

What areas to do you cover?

I am proud to offer my services throughout Essex and beyond. I am passionate about capturing the memories of your special day and I am prepared to travel anywhere to make that happen. If your wedding venue is located outside of Essex, I am happy to still provide my services, but the additional costs for travel must be met.

Will you clash with the photographer?

Absolutely not. I pride myself on working seamlessly with your other vendors, especially your photographer. My approach is to be as unobtrusive as possible, so that you can fully enjoy your day without any distractions. In fact, many of my couples have commented on how I seem to fade into the background, capturing the candid moments they didn't even realise were happening. During the ceremony and speeches, I may need to take a more prominent position to ensure the best shots, but otherwise, I will be discreetly capturing all the special moments of your day. Rest assured that your photographer will be in control of the day and I will work in cooperation with them to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Many of my bookings come from photographer recommendations.

Do we need to feed you?

As all animals I do get quite hungry after a while so i will need something in my belly to help keep me going. A meal/snack would be very much appreciated but it's no problem if not.

Do we meet you before the big day?

Yes, I always like to have a face-to-face meeting with my clients a month or two before the big day. This allows us to get to know each other a little better and helps me understand your vision for the day. During this meeting, we can go through the entire schedule in detail, ensuring that nothing is missed and that your memories are captured exactly as you envision them. This meeting also gives us a chance to ask questions and address any concerns, so that we can work together to make your wedding film truly memorable.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I am fully insured with AXA for videography, including public liability. You can have peace of mind knowing that I have taken the necessary precautions to protect you and your guests. If you or your venue require a copy of my insurance certificate, please don't hesitate to ask. I am always happy to provide this information to ensure your complete confidence in my services.

How long does it take you to complete the films?

I understand how important it is to receive your wedding film as soon as possible, so I do my best to have the highlights film completed within 10 to 14 days. This allows you to relive the highlights of your special day while the memories are still fresh in your mind. For the full feature film, I ask that you please allow up to 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. I strive to deliver your final product in a timely manner while also ensuring that the highest level of quality is maintained.

How will we receive our film?

Your wedding film will be accessible through a personalised film gallery that you can view on smart TVs, tablets, and mobile devices. Additionally, you will be able to download your films for easy access and sharing with friends and family. Whether you want to relive the special moments from the comfort of your sofa, or share them with loved ones far away, your customised film gallery provides the ultimate viewing experience.